The Small Things that End the World: A Novel. Coteau Books, Forthcoming, 2018.

The Factory Voice. Regina: Coteau Books, 2009.


Bedlam Cowslip: The John Clare Poems. Wolsak and Wynn Publishers (Buckrider Books Imprint), 2015.

Archive of the Undressed: Poems. Wolsak and Wynn, 2012.

The New Blue Distance. Wolsak and Wynn, 2009.

It’s Hard Being Queen: The Dusty Springfield Poems. Freehand, 2008.

Left Fields: Poems. Wolsak and Wynn, 2003.

The Aging Cheerleader’s Alphabet: Poems. Mansfield Press, 2003.

A Woman Alone on the Atikokan Highway: Poems. Wolsak and Wynn, 1999.


Ghost Works: Improvisations in Letters and Poems (With Alison Calder).
Jack Pine Press, 2007.

Sporting in New Scotland. Mercutio Press, 2004.

inglish prof with her head in a blender. above/ground press, 1999.

Edited Books

(Forthcoming)Where the Nights are Twice as Long: Canadian Poets’ Love Letters. Edited David Eso and Jeanette Lynes. Accepted for Publication. Goose Lane Editions, 2015. 400 pages

The Crisp Day Closing on my Hand: The Poetry of M. Travis Lane. Wilfrid
Laurier University Press, 2007.

Words Out There:Women Poets in Atlantic Canada. Roseway, 1999.

Paradise Frost: The Thunder Bay Poetry Renaissance. Edgy Writers, 1999.
(Ed. With John Fell and David Antilla)


Monograph: M. Travis Lane, Eco-Poet. Frog Hollow Press, 2015.

Book Chapter: “Saskatchewan Poets of the 1980s.” in Literary History of Saskatchewan. Vol. 2, Ed. David Carpenter, Coteau Books, 2014.

Essay: “Surf’s Up: Atlantic-Canadian Literature in the 21st Century. Co-authored with Herb Wyile. Introduction to Special Issue, Studies in Canadian Literature, 2008.

(Forthcoming) BafterC (BookThug), Vol. 8. One poem. “What She Does with Herself All Day.” 2015.

Matrix, Spring, 2013. Issue 95. One piece of creative non-fiction, “Young Miss and Her Countrymen” and one poem, “I Hate You, Melissa.”

Arc Magazine. Fall 2013. One Poem. “Hockey Game, Geraldton, Ontario, 1996.”

Numero Cinq. July 2013. Five Poems: “Song for his Country,” “Another Brush with Keats,” “Spokes; Or, The Edge of the World, A Theory,” “The Asylum Years: A Retrospective,” “Unwritten Dictionary of Biography Entry: John Clare, Farmer, Poet-Rock-Star.”.

Grain Magazine. Summer 2013. Four Poems: “The Life and Times of W.C. Handy,” “All Things Canted Under the Sun,” “On First Seeing Patti Smith’s Photograph of Virginia Woolf’s Bed While Riding a Bus on Highway 401,” “Nureyev’s Slippers.”

The Fiddlehead, Fall 2011. No 249. Two Poems: “John Clare Considers his Progress (1818)” and “How Poetry Springs from the Suburbs.”

The New Quarterly. Fall, 2010. One Poem: “The Day John Clare Fell in Love,”

The Malahat Review. “Blizzard of Two.” Non-Fiction Essay on Lorna Crozier and Patrick Lane. Spring, 2010.

The New Quarterly. “An Enlightening Fetish.” Non-Fiction Essay. Summer, 2010.

CV- II Green Issue. Two Poems & One Non-Fiction Essay. Fall, 2009.

Forget Magazine. One Poem: “In the Vintage Dome Car.” December, 2008.

Forget Magazine. One Poem: “The Only Way to Live.” February, 2008.

The Literary Review of Canada. One Poem: “Hotels.” Spring, 2008.


One Poem in The New Wascana Anthology. Ed Michael Trussler and Medrie Purdham. University of Regina Press, 2014.

One poem in I Found it at the Movies: An Anthology of Film Poems. Ed. Ruth Roach Pierson. Guernica, 2014.

Three poems in Untying the Apron: Daughters Remember Mothers of the 1950s. Ed. Lorri-Neilsen Glenn. Toronto: Guernica Editions, 2013.

Two poems (co-authored with Alison Calder) in Regreen: New Canadian Ecological Poetry. Ed. Adam Dickinson and Mahur Anand. Sudbury: Scrivener Press, 2010.

Three Poems in Pith and Wry. Ed. Susan McMaster. Sudbury. Scrivener Press, 2010.

One Poem in Rogue Stimulus: The Stephen Harper Holiday Anthology. Toronto: Mansfield Press, 2010.


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